1. ryansgayliner:

    the thrilling saga in which Panic! owns the fuck out of WBC

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  2. "Fuck you, I still liked it"
    — Me, after someone listed all the things that were wrong with a movie  (via enchantedpetrichor)

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  4. booksandwildthings:


    how game of thrones should end

    #khal drogo just #descends from the heavens #on a flaming stallion #punches everyone in the face #and sits his fine dothraki ass down on the iron throne #until daenerys shows up #then he stands #dusts the seat off a bit #and steps aside for his khalessi

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  5. frenums:

    note card doodle 

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  6. arkatoir:

    sexuality: poussey speaking german 

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  7. kynen:

    Bless whoever looked at a picture of two mountains and thought of this.

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  9. rosannapansino:

    Captain America Ice Cream Sandwiches - Video [ LINK ]

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  10. starcevic:


    Greyhound being read a scary story

    this is important to me

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  12. bbcone:

    Your eyes do not deceive you. This is Hugh Jackman at Wimbledon this week.

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  13. saviikdofron:

    "Tumblr is a hate-free environment!"



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  14. supremewhitegirl:




    'What kind of overalls does Mario wear?'


    Yep, I laughed out loud

    I love the “oh no” like he fucking knows he’s going to hear a shitty ass joke

    this is the stupidest fucking joke in the world but i laugh every fucking time without fail

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